Escorting Tips

Escorting The Clean Way

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The word escort has been tainted because sex workers use it to hide the fact that they brand themselves as escorts so that they don’t get caught selling sex for money, which happens to be illegal. There are so many kinds of activities that you can do with an escort if you hire one. Here […]

Porn Escorts

Escorts Who Do Porn

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Escorts are individuals who sell their time for substantial amounts of money. They surely agree to do more than just hang out with clients; escorts engage in physical relations with them; performing acts like oral sex, anal sex and even sexual intercourse. Therefore the line on the illegality and legality of escorts has been wavering […]


Addicted To Escorts?

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Anyone and everyone who would have hired an escort at least once in their life know that it is an incredible experience. Although it costs pretty buck men and women, who have hired escorts have come out and accepted the fact they’ve loved the experience and would surely do it again. There are indeed some […]

Escorts In Series

Escorts On The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory is an incredibly funny show on CBS that is based on 4 best friends who are all incredibly brilliant. They all work at Caltech, which is a very prestigious institution. Being geniuses haven’t stopped any of the guys from being horny individuals. Leonard spends his entire time drooling over Penny and […]