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Escorts On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an incredibly funny show on CBS that is based on 4 best friends who are all incredibly brilliant. They all work at Caltech, which is a very prestigious institution. Being geniuses haven’t stopped any of the guys from being horny individuals. Leonard spends his entire time drooling over Penny and finally marries her. Raj and Howard can be construed as the horniest guys on the show. On two occasions, Howard has experiences with escorts.

  1. For an event that is being held at the University of Caltech, Howard gets in contact with an escort and hires her to accompany him. This is incredibly funny because that escort is almost an entire foot taller than him. When they arrive, he begins introducing her to everyone as his girlfriend. Everyone has a surprised look on their face. He goes to kiss her, and she reminds him that if he wants to kiss her, he would have to pay extra money.

In this instance, you can clearly see that the escort he has hired is indeed very gorgeous and it very well groomed and dressed. You could even say she was the prettiest girl in the room there. She knew she was going to an event and dressed accordingly. This means escorts from reputed agencies are indeed professional and know how to play their role very well.

  1. Leonard, Howard and Raj would have gone to Las Vegas. When they reach there, Howard gets the news that his girlfriend is breaking up with him. He soon gets incredibly depressed, and the other two guys try hard to console him. It does not work. They hire an escort for him to have sex with him for $500. This woman was in the casino and was dressed to impress. She agrees to the offer and approaches Howard as a regular woman pretending to flirt with him. He soon sees through the ruse and calls his friends out and asks them if she is an escort. They accept the fact that they hired her to sleep with him. He thanks them for it and goes and resumes talking with her. The scene changes; we can surely assume that he did have sex with her since she was already paid.

We see that they had already paid for her, but she did not cheat them, but was very professional and performed the job that she had accepted. She has dressed appropriately and knew what she was doing. She knew he was very shy, so she approached him the right way.

Therefore we can conclude that escorts from reputed agencies are very well trained and experienced and they do admittedly know what they are doing, and they are indeed worth it.