Escorting Tips

Escorting The Clean Way

The word escort has been tainted because sex workers use it to hide the fact that they brand themselves as escorts so that they don’t get caught selling sex for money, which happens to be illegal. There are so many kinds of activities that you can do with an escort if you hire one. Here is a perfect example of what a real escort does, an escort who doesn’t have sex with you.

At the commencement of 2019, Netflix released a movie called “The Perfect Date”. In the film the main character, Noah Centenio is a high school senior who realizes that he doesn’t have enough money to go to his dream college as soon high school is done, even though he has excellent grades. He simply knows that he could not afford it even if he got it. One night he makes a deal with a fellow student that he would hang out with the guy’s cousin for money. He agreed that he would drive her to a dance event in a car but in return for money. He did that and got paid a considerable amount of money. He soon understands that he had hit the jackpot because he has a brilliant idea.

With the assistance of his best friend, he comes up with a mobile application that soon becomes very famous indeed. The app gives people access to choose how you want to spend time with Noah, what kind of activity you want to do, what you want him to wear, etc.… all of it would be very well thought of and included in the app. Noah has a way to accept or decline the requests. He starts accepting all of the requests and escorts a girl or a guy (anyone who makes the request) to an event, or he would just hang out with them.

He even gets a request from a lady who just wanted to take a walk with him in the park. He dresses like a cowboy, dancer, doctor, tribesman, 80s character, and many more, for his clients. He even teaches a little girl how to dance. By being an escort, he indeed makes a significant amount of money; almost enough to pay for his college tuition.

This is what it is like to be an escort who does not get physically involved with their clients. All they do is giving you their time. If you are hiring an escort for something, you need to make sure if they will have sex with you or not. Escorts indeed sell you only their time, and in that time it is their choice whether they want to have sex with you or not.