Addicted To Escorts?

Anyone and everyone who would have hired an escort at least once in their life know that it is an incredible experience. Although it costs pretty buck men and women, who have hired escorts have come out and accepted the fact they’ve loved the experience and would surely do it again. There are indeed some individuals who get overly attached to an escort and will do everything in their power to stay in constant contact with them. They get obsessed with an escort and will end up paying her/him thousands of their hard earned money.

An addiction is like a disease; there is nothing you can do about it except try and medicate. In the case of addictions, you need to rehabilitate yourself. I can easily say with confidence that an escort addiction can be worse to you than sex addiction. If you are hiring escorts to fuel the sex addiction that is even worse for you as your addiction shows no signs or reducing and you are losing a lot of money. An escort may even take advantage of your afflictions and may try and dupe you to giving her/him a lot of money.

Before you start hiring escorts, you need to ask yourself why you are hooked; you tell yourself that she/he is an escort and that they are not available to you in a romantic way. Getting attached to an individual is all too common, but when you get emotionally hung on to an escort, you are exposing yourself to a world of hurt. Here is an example of a real person who got addicted to escorts.

“ I am certainly new to the whole hiring an escort scene, and I have to say I have inadvertently become a fan of hiring escorts. I don’t think it is a sex addiction but a craving to hire escorts at least once a week. I know I am not wealthy enough to lose upwards of $500 a week. But every time I get a little extra money I find myself dialling up my favourite escort agency, and I specifically ask for one escort named ‘Karma’. I am sure that’s not her real name though. She gives me a feeling of confusion and emotional security bundled with a lot of extravagant pleasure. That is one of the reasons I hire her every chance that I get. I hit a point in life where I needed to be reckless and adventurous so that I could enjoy the last ounce of my youth that is left. Not everyone goes through this phase; most of them have a mid-life crisis. I have indeed thought about getting into rehab, and I just might do that soon.